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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I use the Sacred Geometry Chakra Candle set?

The set was made with the intention that it would be used all together.

First, release all of the copper wire pieces and the wire wrapped crystal merkaba from the candle glass. Your candle should have nothing on top, nor any copper wires attached to it. Copper is an excellent heat and energy conductor, and if the candle is lit without removing the copper, it may break the glass. Set the copper wire sculpture to the side.

Second, before you light the candle, set your intentions by reciting the words on the instructions in order to connect the Platonic Solid copper wire sculpture, the crystal merkaba, and the candle to the healing of your chakra.

Third, you may now light the candle as the candle, the Platonic Solid copper wire sculpture, and the crystal merkaba are connected to your chakra. You may carry the crystal merkaba with you throughout the day to let the energetic alignment continue to happen.

Fourth, whenever putting a pause on the candle, be sure to snuff out the flame as opposed to blowing out the flame as to not blow away your intentions.

Fifth, recite the intentions again each time that you relight the candle.

Sixth, watch the bottom of the candle as the herbs and the honey may create a small bonfire.

Seventh, when the candle is completely burnt, you may send gratitude to the universe, God, or higher power, etc, for the alignment that has taken place.

Eighth, you may now wash out the candle and reuse the glass container if you wish. It is safe to wash the glitter away in the water and will not pollute the environment because it is glass.

2. When should I start using the candle?

You may start it whenever you feel ready for it. We have found that it's more energetically powerful when used with an astrological event, such as new moon (manifesting) or full moon (releasing).

3. Why is there a spiral carved on the top of the candle?

The spiral creates an energetically conical shape, and makes the your intentions go upward and out into the universe. It works well with sacred geometry.

4. Why are the copper wires soft?

Copper is a soft metal that is an excellent energy and heat conductor.

Pure copper, in conjunction with any crystals and energetic work that you may do, has an energetically amplifying quality and it specifically balances the chakras. This is the reason why pure copper was chosen as the material for the candles. 

Please handle all copper wire sculptures and copper wire wrapped crystals with care, as they are "dead soft" copper. Most decorative wire wraps that are harder in quality (usually "half hard") are either aluminum or brass.

5. What are your eco-friendly materials?

We use organic beeswax, organic and wildcrafted herbs, organic honey, 100% pure essential oils, and old-fashioned german glass glitter.

6. Does it make a difference that the candle is made with eco-friendly materials?

Energetically, yes it can make a difference. It creates a more positive intention that you are putting out there into the universe and for your own healing. Physically, beeswax burns much cleaner and is healthier for you. Essential oils as well. Glass glitter is important in amplifying the intention of the candlework because it essentially works as countless little mirrors.

Most spell candles are made with paraffin wax, polyester glitter, and fragrance oils. When burned, paraffin wax and fragrance oils can create toxic vapor and can be harmful to the body. Polyester glitter will never break down and is harmful to the environment.

7. My candle glass broke while it was burning!

This is a positive sign that there is an energetic shift. Please, always keep a close eye on the candle as it is burning as unexpected things may happen with the flame or the glass.

8. Why are the sets priced differently?

The price depends on how long it takes to handcraft each sculpture. Hexahedron and tetrahedron take 1+ hour. Octahedron takes 2+ hours. Icosahedron and dodecahedron take 3+ hours. The rest of the candlemaking also takes many hours for it to be completed.


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